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    I began          my art career in Industrial Design at Kansas University and received my Architecture degree in 1961.  Much     of my work has its genesis in my early training as an Industrial Designer.  I see found objects as beautiful         things and they often serve as my palette.  I'm fascinated by odd and unusual scraps of discarded material.        A bit of rusted metal or a piece of                         twisted sea washed wood. They speak to me and tell me            what to do with them.  It's a                              symbiotic relationship.  A collaboration between the material, inspiration and me.  Art is like ZEN.  It                                just happens.  The "happy accident."  We listen and we act.  Sometimes it’s a spiritual                                     experience.  My art training was in the 50's and I was greatly influenced by the likes of Dine,                                       Rauchenberg, Hermes and Oldenburg.  And Dada. I guess I'm a Dadist at heart.  I love                                         the whimsy and the irreverence, the idea of art being fun and an expression of the                                               absurd, the concept of everything being art.  Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray's work has                                         had a great impact on my vision.